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    Sabrina Martin-Shamugia

    M: 480-593-1589

    It's not magic, but you'll think it is!

    When looking to sell your house, timing is key. You can sell your house in a few hours or days, but that increases the risk of missing out on the full value of your property. Another approach is to overprice your house, but when houses sit too long on the market they are devalued. I prefer the middle ground; my goal is to sell quickly, while maintaining the true value of your home. I have this down to a science as evidenced by 90% of my listings selling within 30 days. I do business the way no other realtor does, involving strategic methods that ensure a quick, clean closing for my clients. My method may appear to work like magic, but it is far more of a science than that.

    I was a loan officer before becoming a real estate agent, and this experience provided me with important insight into how to effectively manage the entire transaction. Uncertainty is often the core issue of anxiety and stress; by knowing all the sides of the transaction and passing this insight along, my clients are able to avoid any unnecessary stress. As a loan officer, I was fortunate enough to learn how great real estate agents approached the industry, and learned from all the mistakes I saw poor agents making. My goal, day in and day out, is to raise the bar of expectations for real estate agents everywhere, and I won’t settle for anything less and neither should you.

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    Sabrina Martin-Shamugia
    Conway Real Estate, LLC.
    1425 W. Elliott Rd #103
    Gilbert AZ 85233

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